Preparing for a video call

6 tips to help you look your best on a video call — whether that's for an interview, TV broadcast, live stream or just an important meeting!

Find somewhere well‑lit and clear.

In front of a window if it’s sunny is great, otherwise, somewhere with some nice, even light. Avoid windows or anything distracting behind you.

If you wear glasses and notice some glare, try moving your camera so it's not right next to the light you're using.

Check your signal strength.

Pick somewhere with a good, strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, depending on what you’re using.

Lift your camera to eye‑level.

You could use books or a shelf to prop up your device and achieve this. If the camera is too high or low, it can make you look unnatural.

Centre yourself in the frame.

Position yourself so your head and shoulders are visible in shot when you’re sitting. This is particularly important if there will be a lower-third, such as a name tag, on the final video — if your head is right at the bottom, it’ll be covered up.

Wear headphones.

Any headphones are great — even the earbuds that came with a smartphone. The point is to stop the sound of the call being picked up by your mic.

Give it a test!

You can check how you look on camera by opening the Settings in most video calling apps. You can check your mic, too. This might appear in Settings, or be a contact to call.